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Some guidelines to help you enjoy your very own Private Viewing.

We hope that you will find this gallery simple and easy to explore, but we offer the following tips for reference.

Please go through the gallery image by image to make your choices. Please bear in mind the following :

All the portraits were made in colour, so any given image can be finished in colour or black & white as you prefer.

If you "mouse-over" the images in the gallery, each will display a file name, and if you click on one you can then click through them one-by-one using the arrow "buttons". In this case, when you make your choice/s we will need the whole image name/s, which are displayed when you click on the i-for-info "button" to the left within the slideshow (as displayed on a computer - if viewing on a phone, click on the 3 little dots below an image).

We hope you enjoy the online viewing experience and trust that you will be happy with your pictures.

All the best,

Andy & Tara

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