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Your nearest and dearest they may be, but it could be months or years before you're all together again. It's a not uncommon occurrence that family photographs don't in fact include the whole family - "We're always behind the camera, taking the pictures". Address the imbalance and commission a professional-quality family portrait session, for your family, extended or otherwise!

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Weans, bairns, sprogs, wee'uns, ankle-biters, or simply children, call them what you will, but the truth is that they're grown-up before you know it! We can help you to record their youthful sparkle, their angelic innocence, or other "butter wouldn't melt" moments. Catch them before they're all grown up with access to their own bank account rather than yours! A favourite of many customers is for us to portray their children practicing their favourite hobby. 

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We offer Newborn photography, and also entry into the Baby Portrait Club - a special promotion that offers 3 portrait sittings spanning the first year of your baby's life

Babies grow so fast, before you know it they're outrunning you around the garden! We can help you to capture those early precious days and years....

Our newborn photography sessions are designed to take place ideally within the first 14 days of a baby's new life. They offer a longer portrait session, enabling a variety of poses, clothes changes, set changes, and for feeding and comfort of your baby - modelling can be exhausting! Your baby's wellbeing is paramount throughout.

Our Baby Portrait Club offers 3 portrait sessions, commencing at 4 months of age, and taking them through to their first birthday. However, there can be leeway on that - we realise that Life may hold surprises.

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Pets are family members too! People will often say of their pets that they offer unconditional love - why not return it by commissioning a professional-quality portrait?

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We use the term "corporate" loosely - your firm may well require an own brand "corporate head shot" for their web site, for use in brochures, or to grace the walls above your reception desk. Alternatively you may require something a step above the typical passport photograph for use as a profile picture online, for more personal use.

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