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Portrait, passport, German

Passports & I.D

UK and other nationalities catered for - passports, visa applications, driving licences etc. For UK passport applicants we can offer a digital version for online applications, complete with a Digital Photo Code that eases the process.

Artwork copying equipment / tools

Artwork copying & reproduction

We have the technology and knowhow to deliver colour-accurate results with archival longevity.

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Photo Restoration

Do you have some family heirloom photographs that are past their best, that you would like new life breathed into, making a unique and special gift? Fading, colour shifts, darkroom mishaps, dog-ears, scratches and spots can all be banished! Cosmetic blemishes are one thing, but we can also enlarge (within limits) or colour-tint. We can work from colour slides or prints.


Picture Framing

Made to order, bespoke picture frames. We offer a wide range of mouldings, a range of glazing options, and an array of window mount colours.

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