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Your Portraits

Some guidelines to help you enjoy your very own Private Viewing.

We hope that you will find this gallery simple and easy to explore, but we offer the following tips for reference.

When you click on one of the images below it opens and enlarges as a single image and you can then click through the images one-by-one using the arrow "buttons". When you make your choice/s we will need the last 4 digits of the image name/s (to save your typing out the whole long code), which is displayed when you click on the i-for-info "button" to the left within the slideshow (as displayed on a computer - if viewing on a phone, click on the 3 little dots below an image).

The images are all loosely cropped to a square format, as that offers the web page designer the flexibility to crop further, either to a square or a portrait format rectangle.

Once you have expressed your preferences we can supply higher resolution versions without the watermarks. We can do that by email via yourself, but please be aware that some email software might compress the images, adversely affecting their quality. Alternatively we can WeTransfer the images directly to the designer or (I believe) furnish you with a WeTransfer link, which you can then forward to the designer.

We hope you enjoy the online viewing experience and trust that you will be happy with your portraits.

All the best,

Andy & Tara

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